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Our company is committed to honoring Jesus Christ through uplifting, positive, faith-based and inspirational films.


"Diane brings her characters so alive that I feel I can touch them. She is a unique storyteller and her scripts engage you from page one straight through to the end." ~Sherry Robb/The Robb Company

Diane began her storytelling career as a professional editorial photographer and writer for state and national magazines and book publishers which then led her into screenwriting and film production. She was an Executive Producer for the film, "Still" and her latest script is now in the development stage projected to be in full production summer of 2023.

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"A storyteller and director that creates defining moments for her audiences." -Shawn Bolz

Annette is a director who began working in the industry for 25 years as a professional story-telling photographer for professional athletes, producers, directors, celebrities, as well as movie sets including Unplanned, The Trump I Know and ReAwakening. She also spent ten years as the stage production manager for world-class titles such as Les Miserables, Westside Story, Annie Get Your Gun, Hello Dolly and more. With three original films to date Annette has joined the Dove Creek Films team to create compelling stories that bring healing, life, and renewal to its audiences everywhere.

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Dove Creek Films is committed to producing and directing high-caliber movies that change people's lives in a positive way, ultimately pointing them to the Father.

Can you imagine going to a movie where people leave the theater healed of trauma, sickness, or disease? Relationships were reconciled and prodigals inspired to return home? This is what we've been dreaming of for many years. Movies that are not only brilliant entertainment but also an experience of heaven. As people who know God, we believe we owe everyone an encounter with the One who loves us most, our designer and Father; the One who wants to give us a felt experience of Heaven on Earth. We've lived portions of this in our community and want to share it with every cast/crew member and each person in the theater. We pray you'll go away knowing God better and deeper than you did before and that your capacity to love and be loved grows as a result of our meeting.

We hope to meet you one day and if not, that our movies will bless you immensely. 

The Dove Creek Family

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